Introducing the "Leica" smartphone.Reasons for partnering with Sharp and circumstances of Softbank monopoly

On June 18, Leica and Softbank announced the Leica brand smartphone "Leitz Phone 1", which was the first Leica to be "fully supervised".

Exclusive sale of smartphone "Leitz Phone 1" supervised by Softbank and Leica


The price is 187,920 yen. Although it is sold by Softbank, it is SIM lock-free, and even people using other companies' lines can purchase it with just a terminal.

The price is 187,920 yen. Only Japanese Softbank handles it in the world.In addition, SIM lock is not applied, and no line contract is required for purchase.

Leica is a long-established camera manufacturer with a history of more than 100 years, and is synonymous with high-end cameras.

On the other hand, since the spread of digital cameras, we have collaborated with several manufacturers to make products. Leitz Phone 1 is not the first to work on smartphones.

Sharp is in charge of manufacturing and development of Leitz Phone 1, and it is carried out by a three-company system called Leica, Softbank, and Sharp.

Why was such a product made? I would like to think mainly from "smartphone-like circumstances".