Should I buy the iPhone 12 series? Which one do you aim for? Or is it?

On October 14th (Japan time), which was about a month later than usual, Apple announced four models of the "iPhone 12" series.

The iPhone 12 series, the first in the series to have four models. From left to right, "iPhone 12 Pro Max" "iPhone 12 Pro" "iPhone 12" "iPhone 12 mini"

Among them, "iPhone 12" and "iPhone 12 Pro" will be released on October 23, and "iPhone 12 mini" and "iPhone 12 Pro Max" will be released on November 13, which is a two-stage release date. Became.

iPhone 12シリーズは買いか? どれを狙うか? それとも?

Unlike the previous iPhones, the iPhone 12 series has 4 models due to differences in display and camera, but many users are worried about which model to buy or whether to wait for a while without buying it. is.

In this magazine, detailed information has already been given in breaking news articles and the serialization "iPhone Driven Temple" by Masahiko Shirane, but this time I will send you the impressions I saw.