How to use the refrigerator life to open and close the door is quiet and minimal, how many years has the life of the refrigerator?Use well and lasts for a long time!Introducing the point of replacement

99%of Japanese families, a refrigerator in almost all families, and now a refrigerator is normal.It is a home appliance that works hard work like a Japanese.Once purchased in the refrigerator, it will work for 10 years or 20 years without a break, unless a power outage occurs due to a catastrophe.What is worrisome is the life of the refrigerator.Let's think about the life of the refrigerator.

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■ The life of the refrigerator you care about?

Personal refrigerators are different, but household refrigerators cannot be easily carried with large home appliances.If you purchase a refrigerator and install it at an electrician, you will hardly move after that unless you move.It will be used for a long time.

The refrigerator is used for a long time in the home appliance.It depends on the environment to be used and the frequency of opening and closing the door, but it seems that more than half of families have been using it for more than 10 years.Some families have been using it for more than 20 years.

So how long can you use the refrigerator?I'm very worried.So, let's carefully investigate how many years the refrigerator life is.

・ Some refrigerators have been working for more than 20 years!

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It is not unusual for homes that have been using refrigerators for more than 20 years.Speaking of 20 years, it is time for a baby born to be recognized as a full -fledged adult, so the purpose of use will change from the storage of baby food for infants to a refrigerator to cool beer.In order to keep using it, it is necessary to carefully choose the size and functions when purchasing.

Regarding the period of using a refrigerator in ordinary households, the manufacturer side is not official, but the life of the refrigerator seems to be explained from 10 to 15 years.In this way, the refrigerator is originally manufactured so that it can be used continuously for more continuously than other home appliances.

・ "12.Is "2 years" a guide for replacement of refrigerators?

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The average number of years of use of electric refrigerators investigated by the Prime Minister's Office in 2018 is 12..It's been two years.This is almost the same as the period when newborns grow and graduate from elementary school.

Certainly, if you say 12 years, you will be a junior high school student from an infant to a child and a growth period, so the use of the refrigerator will change.If the refrigerator is not considered the life cycle of the use side, it may be necessary to replace it in the middle of 12 years.In any case, 12.Two years will be one reference number that can be said to be the average life of the refrigerator.

By the way, the legal useful life of the electric refrigerator under the tax law is six years.If you think so, the average usage family should be manufactured so that at least six years can be used without any problems.

■ Be careful!Sign of the life of the refrigerator

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No matter how kind and careful it is, the lifespan will come to the refrigerator.One day, the refrigerator may suddenly fall into the function, but most of the signs should be some signs.

The mechanism that cools the electric refrigerator is cooled out of the room using a motor, compressing non -flon's refrigerant and reducing pressure in the evaporation (evaporator) as a liquid and reducing the heat of vaporization from the surroundings.increase.

Recent refrigerators have more functions, and each area inside the refrigerator is increasing.The refrigerator has a refrigerator room, door pocket, chilled room, partial room, vegetable room, and frozen room, and has its own characteristics.

The diversification of the refrigerated method in this way has caused failures and troubles.Therefore, I will introduce the trouble of the refrigerator that occurs in the wrong usage and how to determine the failure of the refrigerator's hard part.

・ The inside of the refrigerator does not cool

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It is the biggest failure that the refrigerator does not cool.If the refrigerator does not get cold at all, first check the power supply.Make sure the outlet is stuck.If it does not cool, the possibility of a refrigerator failure will increase, so please contact the manufacturer.

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Also, if the cold of the refrigerator is poor, there are cases where the refrigerator is too much in the refrigerator and blocks the cold air outlet.In such a case, if you open the cold air outlet, the refrigerator will start to cool as the original.

Similarly, when the refrigerator is cold, the door of the refrigerator may not be closed properly.This may also be put in the refrigerator too much, and the door packing may deteriorate and there is a gap.

・ The side of the refrigerator is hot

The refrigerator uses heat dissipation pipes and fans to release heat inside the warehouse from the side.For this reason, the side may be 50 ° C to 60 ° C in the midsummer.In this way, it seems that the side is hot.

・ There is an abnormal sound

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Even in the normal refrigerator, the sound of the compressor driving and the sound of the refrigerant flowing through the refrigerator.When it comes to the abnormal noise of the refrigerator, the warning sound "Pee Pee", "Kotsukotsu" where something is colliding, "Pocopoco" like a boiling sound, and "Boon" where the motor is sloppy.If it continues, consult with the repair window because there is a high possibility of failure.

・ You can be uneven in the cooling method

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In general, the area where the cold air spouts is particularly cool in the refrigerator, but if it is moving normally, the temperature is set in other places in the refrigerator.However, if the cold air outlet is closed or the cold air is packed so that it cannot circulate smoothly in the refrigerator, unevenness will come out.If there is unevenness even after arranging it, consult the repair window.

・ Water leaks

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There are multiple places where water leaks are leaked.If water leaks from the water tank, it may be that the water tank is not accurately installed.In addition, the vegetable room has a certain humidity and may have water drops.Talk to the repair window for water leaks in other places.

In addition, water may leak from the refrigerator door.In that case, the door is not closed properly due to deterioration of the door packing.In that case, water may leak from storage items containing water in the warehouse.Check the door packing for water leaks from the door.

If these symptoms continue or multiple symptoms can be confirmed, we recommend that you go to select a new model, thinking that the replacement time of the refrigerator is approaching.

■ How to use it to extend the life of the refrigerator

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The refrigerator depends on the type, but it will be expensive.I can't afford to buy a new one.Let's consider how to use the refrigerator's life as much as possible.

・ The opening and closing of the door is quiet and minimal

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For example, if you have any disgusting things, you may hit eight on the refrigerator door and tighten it.The durability is well considered and the door is designed, but there are also extremely delicate parts.The refrigerator door may affect the cooling ability even with a small gap.Always close quietly and gently.

Make a minimum number of open and closed doors.When you open the door frequently, the temperature inside the warehouse rises, and the refrigerator operates again to cool.As the number of times increases, the refrigerator will be loaded, and deterioration seems to progress quickly.

・ Not too much

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If you pack too much in the refrigerator, the refrigerator will be loaded to lower all of them to the set temperature, and the thermal efficiency will be reduced.The refrigerator will use excess energy, and the load will continue when it is overlapped.

・ Clean and use it frequently

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The refrigerator is mainly a place to store food and drinks.Do clean and clean.In particular, keeping the cold air outlet and the inside of the store clean is the key to the long -lasting refrigerator.

・ Put hot foods after cooling

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In rare cases, there are people who put heat and meat in the refrigerator without removing the rough heat.This surely puts extra load on the refrigerator.If such actions are repeated, the refrigerator will frequently load and deteriorate.

・ Do not place anything around the refrigerator

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The refrigerator is installed with a certain space from the wall and the like when installing.In this way, putting too much objects on the upper, left and right, or rear of the refrigerator may hinder the heat dissipation of the refrigerator, which may hinder the refrigerated ability.・ Replacement of door packing

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As explained in the failure, the packing lasts a long time if it is always cleaned.If the packing is dirty, it will deteriorate, and the adhesion with the door will be weakened.Some people will change packing in about two years, but they seem to be able to use longer depending on the care.Cleanness is the best.

・ The biggest point to extend your life is to use it carefully!

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冷蔵庫の寿命を延ばす使い方 ドアの開け閉めは静かに最小限に 冷蔵庫の寿命は何年?上手に使って長持ち!買い替えのポイントも紹介

The most important thing is to use the refrigerator carefully.It seems that the lifespan of the refrigerator will be extended by compassing the refrigerator and using it carefully.For a long refrigerator, the speed of deterioration seems to be greatly different depending on the daily handling method.Gently treat the refrigerator!

■ The life of the refrigerator and the time to buy a new one

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The refrigerator is often not delivered immediately after purchasing, so it is difficult to install it in a room because it is a large home appliance.It is a home appliance that is difficult to bring home immediately after buying.In addition, the refrigerator is obliged to dispose of it, as stipulated in the Home Appliance Recycling Law.Therefore, it is recommended that you identify the life of the refrigerator and replace it systematically.

・ The transfer of the refrigerator is smooth

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At present, life without a refrigerator is unthinkable.If the refrigerator breaks down, many ingredients in the refrigerator may rot if they are not consumed immediately.Frozen foods may be less flavored or unusable if they can be solved.Make sure you take over the refrigerator as much as possible.

・ Prepare for replacement as soon as possible

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We recommend that you consider preparing for replacement, as well as the number of years of refrigerator, decreased cold condition, and changes in family structure.It is hard if the refrigerator runs out for one day.The evolution of the refrigerator is remarkably evolved, and the energy saving is progressing significantly.Therefore, it can be said that the refrigerator is a good use of a refrigerator that is good to buy a new one.

・ Confirmation of installation location and size in advance

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The refrigerator has right and left opening.Recently, there are double opening.You need a space where you can open the refrigerator door and take out the inside.In addition, the space between the refrigerator and the wall is required, so secure the installation location and the size of the refrigerator well.

■ Correct disposal method of lifespan refrigerators

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Global environmental conservation requires that the lifespan refrigerator is disposed of as stipulated in the Home Appliance Recycling Law.It is absolutely not allowed to dump.Illegal dumping may be a crime, and may be imprisoned for 5 years or less or a fine of 10 million yen or less, or both penalties for both.Here are some ways to dispose of the refrigerator in the law.

・ Recommended disposal method (1): Have the designated collection company collect

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The recommendation is to have the collection and transportation disposal of the refrigerator specified by the municipalities collect them.It is not recommended that some private collectors who go around the city do not perform regular disposal methods.

・ Recommended disposal method (2): Ask the electrical store that purchased the refrigerator to be collected

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When the product is delivered by an electronics store that has purchased a new refrigerator, there is also a disposal method to get the refrigerator to be discarded.The replacement of the refrigerator is smooth, and the disposal destination is clear, so you can take it with confidence.

・ Recommended disposal method (3): Have the electrical store you purchased the refrigerator to be disposed of

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If the refrigerator to be discarded is an electric shop that is closely related to the area, it seems that if you have a long relationship, you may be able to pick up the refrigerator to be discarded.In this case, the picking destination is clear, and you can leave it with confidence.

・ Recommended disposal method (4): Bring directly to the designated trading location of the municipalities

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Municipalities have designated places that can bring in disposal home appliances set by the Home Appliance Recycling Law.How to bring in is different in each municipality, so you can check with the municipalities where you live and carry them in yourself.

・ Recommended disposal method (5): Bring to a thrift shop

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If the refrigerator you plan to discard is relatively new and beautiful, you can bring it to a thrift shop and buy it.However, there are not many recycle shops that can be purchased only by large home appliances in refrigerators.

■ Estimation of the lifespan and repair cost of the refrigerator by manufacturer

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The refrigerator is a home appliance that can be used for a long time after repairing.In particular, there are many people who want to continue using refrigerators purchased at a high price or refrigerator that have been used for many years.For home appliances, the contents of the repair are slightly different for each manufacturer.Here, we will introduce the repair of a famous refrigerator manufacturer.

The repair cost introduced here is the amount of the business trip repair when requesting the manufacturer directly, which is a guide.This price differs depending on the size of the refrigerator and the time it was released.The price is a tax discharge.

・ Mitsubishi Electric

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The symptoms that do not cool down are 16,000 yen to 30,000 yen if the cause is a foundation -related failure.In addition, if the refrigerant circuit is broken, it will be 55,000 yen to 89,000 yen.

The repair of "water leakage, frost in frozen and refrigerated room dew condensation" is 9,000 yen to 29,000 yen."Replacement of door packing" will be 16,000 yen to 23,000 yen if one place is located.


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The symptoms of "the refrigerated room do not cool down" is 10,000 yen to 16,000 yen for a refrigerated room sensor failure.In the case of defrosting sensor failure, 12,000 yen to 20,000 yen, and if the board fails, it will be 14,000 yen to 35,000 yen.

The failure of "water leaning, exposed, and clogging of drain" is 6,000 yen to 32,000 yen, and "door packing replacement" is 10,000 yen to 19,000 yen.


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"Cold / bad cold" failure can be said to be a timer or thermo sensor failure.This repair cost is 13,500 yen to 23,500 yen, and the failure of the control board is 13,500 yen to 27,500 yen.

The repair of "water leaks in the warehouse, cleaning of frost heaters and drain parts" is 15,500 yen to 19,500 yen."Replacement of door packing" is 9,500 yen to 14,500 yen.


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Repairs in the case of "refrigerated rooms and freezing rooms are not cold or cold" will be 12,000 yen to 31,000 yen for replacement of electric circuit parts and substrates.Replacement of refrigerant circuits such as compressor is 30,000 yen to 60,000 yen.

Repair when water leaks, exposure inside the door or in the warehouse, and water leaks from the back to the floor is 6,000 yen to 11,000 yen for simple repair."Replacement of door packing" is a guide for 15,000 yen to 24,000 yen.

・ There is no official announcement of the refrigerator!

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It seems that no manufacturer has published the life of the refrigerator.Officially announcing the lifespan should not have the merit of going on from the manufacturer's point of view.

Nevertheless, on the Internet, it is said that the lifespan for refrigerators of manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sharp, Hitachi, and Toshiba is around 10 years.Recent refrigerators have products other than Japanese manufacturers, and the price is cheaper.In the case of such a refrigerator, the price is cheap, and the parts used are inexpensive, and the life seems to be a little shorter.

In addition, the life of the refrigerator varies greatly depending on the environment in which it is used.The average number of years of use of electric refrigerators investigated by the Prime Minister's Office in 2018, because the individual usage is different..It seems that two years is the reference number of the life of the refrigerator.

■ The refrigerator requires earthquake countermeasures

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Japan is said to be an earthquake power.I don't know when and where a big earthquake will occur.If a large earthquake occurs, the refrigerator will jump out or fall.

The standard large refrigerator used by a family of four has a weight of 100 kilograms or more.If you hit your body directly and fall down, you may be seriously injured.Also, it is difficult for elderly women and small children to get out of such a large refrigerator.

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It seems that there are many homes in the refrigerator that do not take measures to prevent falls.However, it is recommended that you use an earthquake countermeasure belt to prevent falling for refrigerators.This is a method of pasting one of the rubber belts on the wall or ceiling and attaching the other on the upper surface of the refrigerator or side of the refrigerator.Then, the rubber part absorbs the shaking of the earthquake, withstands the violent shaking with a seismic intensity of 6 or more, and functions as an earthquake -resistant goods to prevent the refrigerator falling.

■ Energy -saving life is good from choosing a good refrigerator

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Most of the current Japanese people should have been living in a refrigerator at home since they were born.Imagine a life without a refrigerator once.

The fresh foods you bought cannot be saved.You will not be able to store frozen foods that can be eaten immediately with simple cooking when you do not have time.You will not be able to drink cold beer in kinkin.Ice cream will go to buy under the scorching sun.

そんな生活は不便の極みですよね。不便だけでなく、肉も魚も腐り、野菜は萎びて腐ることになります。冷蔵庫は日進月歩で進化しています。省エネも進んでいます。冷蔵庫を上手に使うことが省エネライフといえます! それだけに冷蔵庫選びは大切です。長く使えるように、適切な使い方をしましょう。(AYA)