Peace Ayabe changes route Interested in women other than mature women

On the 24th, Yuji Ayabe of the comedy duo Peace appeared at Huawei Japan's "HAPPY WINTER CAMPAIGN" opening event held at Yoshimoto ∞ Hall in Shibuya as a "Christmas lonely comedian". Ayabe, who usually professes that he likes mature women, said, "I'm not really dating anyone right now, so next year, I want to meet a wide range of wonderful women, not just mature women."

Peace Ayabe, route change, non-mature woman Interested in women

Nobukobu Yoshimura and Naomi Watanabe love each other...Photo Gallery

On the other hand, Naoki Matayoshi, a partner, is steady, saying, "My number one goal is health." Naomi Watanabe and Heisei Nobushi Kobushi (Takashi Yoshimura, Kenta Tokui) also participated in the event, which introduced the Wi-Fi routers of Huawei Japan, a telecommunications equipment manufacturer. , The person I had a crush on was married and had two children.I don't have good memories of love.I couldn't see a man this year." I want to meet people who are with me.Any age is fine."

Yoshimura, who was on good terms with Watanabe and had rumors of a romantic relationship, jokingly said, "I realized how grateful Naomi was for the first time after I lost him. There is no one who is so warm..." He said that a general woman he met in 2018 was worried about him now, and revealed that he was in contact with him by phone and LINE. (Sachiko Fukuzumi)