News Breaking away from notebook PCs that are “hard to hit”! Improve your work efficiency with a keyboard that suits you

Using a keyboard that suits you will improve your work efficiency

 There are many opportunities to enter characters on the keyboard at work, but aren't you using the notebook PC that was provided when telework was introduced? Many laptops emphasize cost and compactness, and do not always have a keyboard that matches your style. If you want work efficiency, consider introducing an external keyboard as an option. What kind of external keyboard should I choose to improve the efficiency of telework? In this article, I will explain three points. ●Ergonomic design can reduce fatigue When we think of a keyboard, we tend to imagine a flat one with keys lined up in an orderly manner, but in fact this type of keyboard puts a lot of strain on the hands when typing. A keyboard designed according to the structure of the human body, which allows you to type in a more natural posture, can reduce the burden and reduce fatigue. Less fatigue means you can get things done faster, which in turn can improve efficiency. ● Wirelessly clean your desk If you're going to introduce an external keyboard, you'll want to choose a wireless type. Wired has the advantage of a stable connection, but if the wires stick out from the keyboard, which is placed directly in front of you, it will occupy your work space and look cluttered. If you work on a cluttered desk, you may lose your ability to concentrate, so try to improve your concentration in a clean space. ● If the sound is quiet, the inconvenience to the family will be reduced The sound of hitting the keyboard is annoying to the people around you. If you telework at home with your family or work in a cafe with a lot of people, a quiet one is recommended. The stress around you will eventually come back to you. I want to be able to telework in a comfortable state for myself and those around me. ● 5 recommended keyboards for telework Based on these points on how to choose, let's introduce 5 recommended external keyboards. ●logitech ERGO K860 Logitech ERGO K860 is characterized by its unique appearance. Ergonomically designed, it has been proven to reduce muscle activity in the upper trapezius muscle, which causes stiff shoulders, by 21%. In addition, the integrated wrist rest is said to reduce wrist bending by 25%, reducing the strain that can lead to tendonitis. The problem is that it is large, but if you have the space to install it, I definitely want to introduce it. ● Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Although this is also an ergonomic keyboard, it is characterized by consideration for the installation space. The numeric keypad is detachable, so you can reduce the area it occupies if you don't need it. The central part of the keyboard is hollowed out, which is a key design point and also contributes to weight reduction. It is easy to put in and take out, and it is suitable for use where you take it out only when working. ● Topre REALFORCE TKL / R2TL-JPV-IV A keyboard that uses a capacitance non-contact method and is extremely durable. The capacitive non-contact method is used in places that are subject to heavy use, such as ATM keys, and can be expected to have a long service life. In addition, the keys pressed with strong fingers such as the index finger are set to be heavier, and the keys pressed by weaker fingers such as the little finger are set to be lighter. It's also attractive to be there. ● Lenovo ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II ThinkPad has been known as a notebook PC that has been particular about keyboards since the IBM era, but the Lenovo ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II is the keyboard part. It is thin and light, so it can be carried on the go. The feature is that the trackpoint is installed. You can operate the cursor while keeping your finger on the home position of the keyboard. You don't have to move your arm to use the mouse, which reduces fatigue. ●logitech K295 Logitech K295 is a quiet keyboard. It is said that typing noise is reduced by 90%, and at the same time as it is less annoying to those around you, you will be able to concentrate on your work without being distracted. Some quiet keyboards can be uncomfortable to type on, but proprietary technology maintains the feel of typing. It has a water-resistant design, so you don't have to worry if you spill your drink on it. ● A good keyboard because it is used frequently Character input is indispensable in work, and the keyboard, which is a tool for that purpose, is used frequently. If you make good things that you use often, your work efficiency will also improve. We want you to break away from the one built into your laptop or the one that comes with your desktop PC that doesn't suit you, and use your own keyboard. (Leiter Hauser)

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