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"Worrisome people" is a project to introduce "the people who are most interested in WEGO right now" who are active in various genres. This time, we would like to introduce “Taki” who is active as a member of the next generation girls union “FAKY”. After working overseas, he moved to Japan for the activities of “FAKY” and has been in Japan for about 3 years. She is able to converse smoothly in Japanese during interviews, and she says that she has only been studying Japanese for about three years. We asked him how he learned Japanese, and about his unique language learning method.

Artist Taki who has been in Japan for 3 years , Practical Language Learning Methods – Wego Official Site | Web Magazine

ーWhy did you decide to come to Japan? I came to Japan three years ago in 2018 as a new member of FAKY. At that time, I didn't know anyone and I couldn't speak Japanese, but I was really helped by the support of FAKY members and managers. - How to learn Japanese in practice At first, I was studying at a Japanese language school, but I realized that it would be difficult to learn without actually speaking, so I started talking with the members of FAKY and the staff around me. I learned it slowly! All the members were very kind and enthusiastic to teach me, and I am very grateful.ーLearning Japanese was quite difficult, and I had a really hard time. The same word has a different meaning just with a different pronunciation...I'll do my best! (laughs) ーI type in the Japanese sentences posted on SNS and have my manager check them. Right now, I want to master katakana and kanji, so in the near future, I might be able to see kanji and katakana on my SNS...!? Other than that, about Taki-san's usual routine ・In the morning, I check SNS until I finish drinking warm coffee ・I drink many cups of latte a day ・I definitely do these three things every day: calling the manager. I can't live without coffee, so I'm always drinking it everywhere (laughs). I'm on good terms with my manager, and sometimes I call him for two to three hours (laughs). .

Short zip parka ¥ 2,999 (tax included) Denim chef pants ¥ 1,999 (tax included) Turtle long T-shirt ¥ 1,599 (tax included) Taki Born April 21, 2000. He speaks English, French, Japanese, and Tagalog. Since childhood, he has been active in the Philippine entertainment industry, starring in movies and dramas, variety shows, etc. After experiencing nationally recognized talent activities, he came to Japan to join FAKY. He made an unusual two consecutive appearances in ABEMA's popular romance reality show, "Don't be deceived by love and wolves" and "Don't be deceived by rainbows and wolves", and his domestic popularity has soared. The total number of followers on SNS exceeds 3 million. She has a powerful and outstanding dance sense that you can't imagine from her cute looks. Photo/tAikiStylist/Aino MasakiHair&make-up/KanakoText/WEGO