"I will definitely buy it if I find it." "It's too wonderful." Seria's method of displaying CDs using pushpins is attracting attention (page 1/2)

 The "Pushpin Oregugi" sold at the 100-yen shop Seria has become a hot topic on Twitter as being useful for displaying CDs. With this, you can display your favorite CD neatly!

You can display your favorite CDs on the wall!

 "Pushpin Oregi style" is a unique kind of thumbtack with a needle attached to the tip of the L-shaped part. The package introduces how to use it as a "pushpin that can be hung in a variety of ways", such as how to hang a key ring or prop up a photo. The load capacity is 300 grams.

If you find it, definitely buy it.

Seria's "Pushpin Origugiku"JAN code for the product

Introduced how to display a CD using this "Pushpin Orikugifu" Yasai (@___yasai). Yasai had wanted to hang the CDs on the wall for some time, but found it difficult to find a way to fix them so that they would be easy to take out when listening.

 The display method is very simple, just pierce the width of the CD and insert two "pushpins in the style of folding nails" at the top and bottom so that the CD is sandwiched in an L shape. In addition to stabilizing the CD with the L-shaped parts on the top and bottom, it is a nice point that you can easily remove the CD by sliding it sideways.

Sliding and removingEven if you decorate a lot

 In addition to the voices such as "Oh! Convenient! If you find it, you'll definitely buy it" and "It's too wonderful", There are also voices saying that it can be used for displays other than CDs, such as records and PlayStation software.

 There is an upper limit to the number of CDs that can be put in a case or the like, but with this method you can freely decorate the CDs as long as there is space on the wall. For those of you who say that listening to music is a subscription now, wouldn't it be a good idea to use your favorite CDs as interior decorations in your room?

Image provided by: Yasai (@___yasai)

[Seria Pushpin]

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