Game Boy You can use other cassettes resumed resumes![Analogue Pocket]

Chinese portable game consoles are partially popular, but most of them are equipped with an emulator on custom Linux and play a separate ROM image.

From the copyright perspective, there are many black products that are black -and -black.In particular, do not buy products that appeal that microSD is included because it is completely illegal.The soldiers are arrested.

By the way, the Analogue Pocket introduced this time is slightly different from such a type of portable game machine.

This can be used by inserting Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance cartridge as it is.In other words, there is no need to use illegal distribution ROMs.If you pay extra, you can use game gear and neo -odio pocket cartridge.

Therefore, you can play a nostalgic cartridge sleeping in your home closet.

How it is realized is the unique FPGA chip developed.FPGA is a mechanism that allows you to rewrite logical circuits in hardware language, which allows you to play various kinds of cartridges without emulation.

On the back, there is a cartridge insertion place like ↓.

The more you hear, the more problems it is, but as expected, the release has been postponed many times.

ゲームボーイ他のカセットが使える携帯ゲーム機が予約再開!【Analogue Pocket】

The introduction has become longer, but this Analogue Pocket finally started shipping to the reservation on December 13.

In addition, reservations will start again from December 14th.The initial reservation was $ 200, but it would be slightly raised.Also, arrival seems to take more time.

The specifications are as follows.

There are also docks that can use 1080p HDMI output and BT wireless controller.

To use a game gear, a neo -odio pocket, or an Atari Lynx cartridge, bite the adapter.

So, if you missed the first reservation, why not aim for a reservation on December 14!

Click here for reservation.

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